Finest Low Air Spray Guns on the Market
#1 Italian Spray Gun Company

2 1/2 Quart Pressure Pot

4020 Spray gun

Asturo Wide Mouth Pressure Pot

Teflon Coated, Premium Regulators, Stainless Steel Pickup Tube

SUPER SALE: Free Shipping (continenal US) Spray Gun w/ Purchase of this GUN Kit: List $168.00
Price: $165.00

• Teflon coated inside / Stainless Steel Pickup Tube
• Single regulator (Duel regulated available add $45.00)
• Safety relief valve
• Handle
• Lightweight
• Screw type top

Connect hose as shown in diagram.
Fill cup with strained fluid mixed in accordance with
manufacturer's recommendations on label of container.
Fasten cover securely.
Set air pressure at oil and water extractor (transformer) to
between 35 and 80 P.S.I., depending upon atomization
Set regulator on pressure cup to approximately
5 P.S.I. for enamels: 3 P.S.I. for lacquers.
(Turn knob clockwise to increase pressure:
to reduce pressure, turn knob counter-clockwise. Always
release air in cup by momentarily opening air release
valve on cover when attempting to reduce pressure)
Open air adjusting valve.
With trigger fully pulled back, make several fast spray
strokes against a flat surface. After adjustment of pressure,
proper atomization will be indicated by an even distribution


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