Hi-End Spray Guns Stain


All Below are our top rated superior Professional Spray Guns for Woodworkers - Stain

Recommend* First Choice - Jaguar SLP CPR 1.0 8CFM@40 minimum - The finest USA gun available. The CAT SLP 1.0 creates a warm soft spray pattern, ALL USA made, Lifetime warranty, oldfashioned customer service. Good Tech support. SprayGunWorld: This is our favoite woodworking guns for the professional or serious Hobbyist. New CPR is perfect for hard to spray stains. Included in Kit is Clear Tip and Primer Tip.

Recommended* Cheaper alternative to above gun. Same Great Performance. - A great Gravity Gun system for wood working includes all tip sets for stains as well as clears. SprayGunWorld: This is another of our favoite woodworking gun for the professional or serious Hobbyist. A very complete gravity system. 8CFM@40.

stain gun
Low CFM Lowest Cost* - Asturo ECO/SX Series K1 1.0 5-6 CFM@40 minimum - A fantastic Stain Gun Perfect for NGR stains. This lower cost alternative packs a fantastic stain finish.
Recommend* - K1 Asturo 1.0 5@40 minimum - One of the the finest guns available. European design and quality. SprayGunWorld: This is a fantastic spray gun European quality at an affordable price.
Recommend* - SX K1 Asturo 1.0, 1.3, 1.7 Wood Kit 5@40 minimum - Great Kit, perfect tip sets for staining and good for other wood products as well. SprayGunWorld: Our most recommended set for Stains and Dyes. HVLP version available also.
Recommend* First Choice - Compact All - in - One 7CFM@40 minimum - Noteable for smaller footprint this is one of the finest USA guns available. SprayGunWorld: This is one of our favorite platforms to build your spray gun system on.
Recommend* First Choice - Razor CG 1.0 8CFM@40 minimum - One of the the finest USA guns available. The Razor from Sharpe with a 1.0 tip set creates a full smoke like spray pattern great for staining and matching larger surfaces like table and cabinets. ALL USA made. SprayGunWorld: This is a fantastic spray gun for production houses interested in the finest staining guns on the market.
Recommended* DeVilbiss Compact for waterbased material - 7CFM@40 minimum. Fantastic spray gun with 1.0 tip set for detailed stain and dye work. SprayGunWorld: A real winner. Lightweight and compact with some of the best designed tips and caps on the market.
Recommended* LOW AIR Jaguar J100H HVLP Recommended GAURANTEED for LIFE!
1.0 / 1.2 set Jaguar 100

Runs on as little as 2 HP Compressor. 6 CFM. Good for Woodworkers and autobody workers with less air. USA quality, all stainless steel fluid passage, Forged aluminum body. Higher atomization - 1.0 or 1.2 for stains, 1.5 woodworking waterbased materials, 1.7 lacquers and enamels. 2.2 for latex applications.

Recommened* Top Choice Asturo WB Mini Spray Jet 4CFM@40 Low Air requirements. Superior finish. Variable fan control, fluid adjustment and built-in air micrometer Inetlet pressure with DigitalRegulator controls in the DigitalRegulator version. SprayGunWorld: Wow! What a gun. If you are looking for a mini gun with a 8 " fan pattern look no further.

Recommended* SRI630G .8 tip set - Lower Air requirements. Designed for the with replaceable plastic cups. Great for waterbased material. Built-in air micrometer, Variable fan control, and varied pattern shape for blending. SprayGunWorld: – Pattern size adjustable to 8”, making the SRi ideal for larger coverage with a small gun. .8 tip set for stains.

Recommended* 4020 .8 call to order - 2-4CFM@40 Low Air requirements. Superior finish. Variable fan control, fluid adjustment. SprayGunWorld: Great solid purchase. One of the best low cost guns on the market.

mini gun
Recommended* mini sprayjet master kit .8 call to order - 2-4CFM@40 Low Air requirements. Superior finish. Variable fan control, fluid adjustment. SprayGunWorld: Simply the most versitle master kits available.


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