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Gravity XPC (GXPC (XT2)) and 10 Series vs. Pressure Feed XPC-G (XPC (XT2)) and 10G


model 7
Swivel Side Cup - Perfect design for woodworking

Cup swivels so you can spray in any direction and the cup will stay in the correct position.

xt2 fuji

SGW: Traditional sprayers will like the feel of the cup on the bottom of the XPC - the Bottom Feed Guns hold a little more material than the Gravity Feed XPC-G. It is also easier to convert the guns to a pressure pot system due to the upward side mount of the gravity gun.
However, we Prefer the XPC-G with its unique Cup Swivel Design to spray at any angle - Gravity Feed produces a slightly higher finish quality.

The newer XPC-G also has the following advantages - Take a look at our Comparison Chart Below.

*Note SGW now offers the Convertible XPC-G which converts the Gravity Gun to a bottom feed gun with larger cup.

New! Convertible Gravity & Bottom Feed

model 7
Pressure Assisted
Fine Finish
The XPC-G (GTX2) is a pressure assisted cup so it is able to produce a very fine spray. For thicker materials especially latex with the #4 nozzle the GT-X2 has the added advantage of gravity which aids the paint flow and therefore produces a slightly better finish.
Bottom Feed guns are also pressure assisted so they produce a very fine finish.
Gun Capacity  
The cup capacity of the Gravity Feed XPC-G (GTX2) is a little smaller than the bottom feed, however there is an option for a 1 quart gravity cup which makes it the same size. In fact, the Gravity Feed is extremely easy to refill. You simply take the lid off and refill the cup. The gun does not need to be disassembled. The gun also uses all the paint in the cup so you get the full capacity of the cup which is better than the bottom feed. The quick refill is also is useful for color or material changes.
Bottom Feed the cup is larger, however to refill, you need to remove the cup from the gun to refill it, thus taking a little longer as it is a slightly more involved process.
Paint Usage
Gravity Feed can operate with very little paint as the paint feeds directly into the gun and there is almost no wasted paint.
Bottom Feed XPC (XT2) has a straw like pickup tube which leaves a little bit of paint in the can - just like drinking your soda, it's hard to get the last drop.
Swivel Cup  
The Gravity Feed XPC-G (GTX2) has a unique swivel cup design. This design allows you to move the cup to an upward position at all times. This is beneficial if you need to spray straight up or straight down. The cup allows you to turn the gun into all types of positions, especially useful when doing cabinets or ceilings
Bottom Feed XPC (XT2) can be tilted upward, but the paint should be near the bottom of the can so the pickup tube can suck the paint up.
Gun Cleaning  
The Gravity Feed XPC-G (GTX2) does not need to be disassembled for cleaning. Like all gravity feed guns solvent can be put directly into the cup and the gun can simply be sprayed through until clean. (We do recommend that you clean throughout)
Bottom Feed gun, the cup needs to be removed from the gun in order to clean the cup. The cup needs to be reattached to the gun in order to spray the gun clean through.
Fuji XPC-G (GTX2) is a slightly lighter gun system weighing in a 1.8 lbs
Bottom Feed Gun is a standard 2.4 lbs. - typical of most siphon feed spray guns
Gun Size  
Fuji XPC-G (GTX2) has a slightly smaller footprint which allows it to get into smaller areas or around curves - approx 7 inches
Bottom Feed Gun is a standard size at about 12 inches
XPC-G (GTX2) be used with a pressure pot - however the hose will point backward at first which makes it a less attractive. You also need a small compressor to push the paint if you use a larger pot. We do not recommend drawing air from your turbine as it takes away power from the gun.
Bottom Feed Can be used with a larger pressure pot for greater paint capacity and is the traditional shape for such usage. However you will also need a small nailer compressor or the like to push the paint if you use a larger pot. We do not recommend drawing air from your turbine as it takes away power from the gun.






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