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2 vs. 3 vs. 4 Stage Turbines

When portability, lightweight design and a fully self contained system with filtration both fluid and air is required, look at a Turbine HVLP.
About the size of a bread box, Turbines are terrific for painters who are on the go! just don't have the room for a larger compressor or just want the option of a professional finish where ever they might want it without the hassle of a larger compressor.

By choosing a powerful 4 stage turbine you can get a professional top quality finish comparable to compressor driven HVLP.

2 Stage Turbines are very small and cute but deliver very little power and are not recommended for professional painters.

3 Stage turbines are the lowest you should go for a professional finish. The Fuji Mini Mite 3x is the strongest 3 stage on the market and is a terrific value.

4 Stage turbines are the standard for professional finishers. You can never have too much power when working with today's modern paints. The stronger motor provides better atomization for your material, allows you to use a longer hose, and allows you to spray thicker materials like latex with ease.


Remember compressor HVLP are not interchangeable with Turbine HVLP. You CAN convert it about $100, but the cost makes it not worth it.

We also carry the quietest Turbine on the Market. The Q4 by Fuji is a terrific powerful turbine unit with very little noise. 50% quieter than regular turbine units.


What is a turbine stage?

Turbine HVLP uses a bypass vacuum motor in the box. This unit has fans (called 'stages') driving and moving the air at one end and its own small cooling fan at the other. In between the stages and the cooling fan are the copper windings necessary to power the motor. It is these copper windings that provide heat and evaporation to provide warm clean air.

The cooling fan is secured to the same shaft (rotor) as the main stages (fans). What this means is that all fans, including this small cooling fan, rotate at 19,000-21,000rpm (depending on the motor and certain conditions). This warms the air and the material to provide a finer flow. As you can see the more fans the more power, the more better.









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